How much does it cost me to have a five-person panel of experts on hand to guide me as I work to improve my health? To work out with Barbara AND Grace, both personal trainers – to have Chad stretch my tendons, ligaments, muscles – to learn from Gwynn, the therapeutic masseuse – to goggle in astonishment at the insights Chip provides about nutrition?

Well, it ain’t cheap – and I suppose if you’re looking at your disposable income as something that could pay for entertainment and action and hijinx, then maybe you’d think I spend too much.

But if you have a chronic health issue – for me, it’s obesity – then you can’t afford NOT to pay for people who can actually help.

So far, all I have is obesity. All the attendant things that go with being consistently, chronically overweight – like diabetes, high blood pressure, joint replacements, susceptibility to disease – have passed me over. So far. I’m lucky. But before I started with Body Dynamics in Falls Church, VA, my blood pressure was beginning to creep up. My blood sugar was no longer consistently low. My knees had begun to hurt. And I’d been ignoring high cholesterol for years.

So trouble was coming.

I had the opportunity to choose. Did I want to decay slowly – or maybe not so slowly – as I aged? Or did I want to spend a fair chunk of change on something that would keep me healthy and active not just today but throughout my aging process?

So I’m spending the money. My blood pressure is back to the same as my teen years. My cholesterol is in the “normal” range. My blood sugar is perfect. My knees never hurt anymore. I’ve lost 11 inches off my waistline and have retired my size 22 pants in favor of size 18s (which, I note, are beginning to be a little baggy in the butt).

I’m a noted spendthrift; I’m fortunate to not need to pinch pennies. I know a lot of people couldn’t afford as much one-on-one time with trainers as I get. But Barbara’s Balance Class and Chad’s Stretch Class both cost $19 per class. That’s not too “spendthrifty,” is it?

I’ve joined three different gyms in the past – places I went to once where I felt awkward and out of place. I didn’t go back, even though I’d paid my membership dues. They were cheaper than Body Dynamics… unless you measure the cost by how effective the care was. In that case, Body Dynamics is by far the most frugal, efficient, effective money I’ve ever spent.

We all make the best choices for ourselves, of course. This is the best choice for me.


You can see this photo of three $20s as a nice evening out – or it could be one Balance class, one Stretch class, and one Zumba class with Devin, whose feet fly like she’s wearing winged shoes.  All that AND $3 change. Health, entertainment, and the glow of having done something good for yourself; I’d say that’s a pretty good way to spend $60, me!

One thought on “Cost

  1. and the investment is going to really pay off in the future with WAY lower medical costs. Plus you get to feel so good in the process (though I am sure some days you curse rather than chirp as you crawl out of bed).


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