Here’s how one smallish monkey can level a corn field:

“Ooh, corn! I love corn! I’ll take that ear! Wait – there’s another one!! Fortunately, I have another hand. O Great Monkey God – another ear of corn! But my hands are full… no problem. I’ll drop whatever is in this hand and GET THAT CORN. Holy Simian Overlord – there’s another one!”

In this way, ONE monkey can destroy months of work.

I think I have a monkey mentality.

I can hold two things and ONLY two things. I was working with Grace today at Body Dynamics. By furling my brow in fierce concentration, I can (1) zip up my abdominal muscles (the zipper begins at the base of the neck, goes down the spine, around to the front via the Cape of Good Hope, and up to the belly) and also (2) envision my obliques as angel’s wings descending from my ribs and being flexed and rolled down and in. But I cannot add in (3) keeping my shoulders wide and down, and as for (4) use the glutes to raise the hips and (5) keep my knees straight from where they’re holding tough above my feet, poised on a large exercise ball – forget it. I have to drop one ear of corn to pick up the next one.

My theory is that sooner or later, at least one or more of those actions will have to become instinctive. In the meantime, I am lost if Grace isn’t standing next to me reminding me of what I’ve forgotten – which is everything.

Grace and Barbara have been (as usual) discussing how they’re going to unite to wake up and strengthen muscles I didn’t even know I had. Barbara explained to Grace that I have very little flexibility or strength in my thoracic spine (wait – is that the mid-back? The bra line part?). They’re conspiring to do for my back what Barbara has done for my belly (and which Grace is now refining.) (I THINK I can flex my transverse abdominus on demand. Maybe not, but I FEEL like that’s what I’m doing.)

But it’s going to take a while because – as noted – I apparently cannot multitask. I can dualtask. Like a monkey.

But like a monkey, I am DETERMINED to get that corn!

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 3.57.53 PM


4 thoughts on “Dualtasking

  1. I totally understand this. I too must be a dual monkey and need constant reminders and queues. Keep at it. All those dormant muscles will eventually wake up as my dormant butt finally did.


      1. 3 years since I ran. Knee is bone on bone, so I walk and took up golf. Not the same as running. Running allowed me to maintain my weight but I’ve gained a few since then. 😦


  2. I think that Humans 2.0 needs a significant upgrade in design. That spine seems to have a high fail rate, and surely there’s something better to pad the otherwise bone-on-bone agony. It’s a design flaw. I feel for you!


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