I think I figured it out – how the sugar reduction diet works.

Mind you, this is MY concept of how it works. Chip the nutritionist explained it to me, but of course it slid off my brain like I was made of Teflon. Amazing new non-stick brain; get yours now!

I’m on day five. I’m not growling at strangers, but I did look with warm, almost lustful affection at a basket of bread today at lunch with me mum. And every time I’ve been just about to stand up for whatever, I find it requires a fierce summing of energy to undertake that simple action.

“Okay. Here I go. I’m standing. Any minute now. No, really – I’m just about to stand up. Here I go.” Huge sigh; application of a force of will, aaaand… I’m standing. Phew.

I’m lethargic. Tired. Apt to look for any short-cut, or the quickest path to the next chair.

And I think it’s my body going “give me a CARB. Give me something I can burn RIGHT NOW – where’s the fast juice you used to give me? It was so good!”

Of course, what I want is for my body to set aside the magician’s flash paper and throw a square of peat on the fire. Take FOREVER to burn; provide heat and energy for hours.

That’s protein, of course, and body fat. A better, higher-quality energy source, but not as easy to access and nowhere near as much fun as a carbohydrate, with that sudden burst of energy – so addictive – and the sharp fall-off of power, requiring the next nibble. Hey, that basket of bread looks pretty good, huh?

By grimly and constantly chanting “No grains, no dairy, no sweeteners,” I have made it to the doldrums. Five days in. I wonder if that’s typical?

And I wonder how long before my body gives up begging for the quick fix and surrenders to the other options it has. I’m rooting for you, metabolism! You can do it!

Oddly, I stole the image of a fainting lady off another Word Press blog. That author didn’t offer a credit, either. One day I suspect this disregard for copyright laws may prove ill-advised.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 8.01.51 PM



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