Mon Petit Chou-Chou


I was flat on Gwynn’s massage table today, staring at ceiling tiles as her hands did their thing. (I had a flash that I knew what a Braille sign must feel like if a maestro comes along to read it.) Were we discussing just how far the obliques extend?

(It’s farther than you think; those pretty little indents over the ribs of very lean, very fit men are but the icing on the oblique cake.)

Were we discussing the effects of sugar on muscles and fascia? (Gwynn knows. Without being told, Gwynn knows. She could FEEL that I’m on the sugar reduction diet.)

Were we considering the range of motion in my hips? (If I lifted my knee to the aforementioned ceiling tiles and drew an imaginary circle, why is the 12:00 through 6:00 so smooth and curvy, but 6:00 to 9:00 feels like a straight line; same with 9:00 to 12:00?)

Well, yes, we were. All of that.

But we were also discussing how challenging it is to get enough plain old calories on the sugar reduction diet. Unless I mosey up to a massive slab of steak, it’s hard to eat so much salad and leafy greens that I even come close to the number of calories Chip wants me to be eating each day.

So Gwynn had offered me the idea of mashed cauliflower.

And that RUINED me for further discussions of obliques and hip circles and whatever other genius thing she was solving. All I could think of was buttery, creamy mounds of hot, savory, delicious mashed cauliflower. Golly – just like Mom used to make, if Mom was Gordon Ramsey.

So I went right from Body Dynamics to the grocery store. I looked up a simple recipe (the only kind I can cook). AND I MADE IT.

It’s delicious. It’s waiting for the kid (home from college) to cook up the aforementioned massive slab of steak. I’ll throw in a little sautéed onions and spinach and we shall dine like KINGS. Sugar-reducing kings.

Massage genius AND recipe tips. Body Dynamics is a full service opportunity!

“Mon petit chou-chou,” one of my very favorite endearments in French, either means “my little cream puff” or “my little cauliflower.” I am MUCH happier thinking of the cauliflower variety… and of course, that’s the only possible solution whilst adhering with great determination to the sugar reduction diet. Cream puffs begone!

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 6.17.47 PM


2 thoughts on “Mon Petit Chou-Chou

    1. Oh, you’re such a buzz kill! (She said to her little sister, who she used to force to watch Star Trek and so has immunity in quibbling over French translations)


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