What the hell is a macronutrient? I envision broccoli as big as trees, and dried protein dust storms. Seems intimidating and alarmist, so I was psyched to have Chip the nutritionist explain it to me at a “Macronutrients” workshop yesterday at Body Dynamics.

(Chip has the BEST words – like macronutrient. And bio-availability. And parasympathetic.)

That was yesterday at 11. I saw it on my calendar on Friday and told myself to remember to go.

At 11 yesterday, I was luxuriating in my bed, wiggling my toes in the bliss of a Saturday morning lie-in, having completely forgotten about The Looming Threat To Our Children Of Macronutrients. (Maybe a jazzier name would have helped??) Actually, by 11:00 I think I was editing a letter for a friend… or maybe fixing an appeal I wrote for a client… Changing the kitty litter? Bragging about my greatly-reduced waistline?

The point is, I was NOT at Body Dynamics learning the arcane, occult secrets of macronutrients, and so have nothing to say today in my blog. Not very interesting for YOU.

I think this is the third workshop I’ve signed up for and then missed out of sheer inept scheduling. I actually saw the workshop again on my calendar last night and thought “Now, don’t forget to go to that” – and then D’OH! Missed ANOTHER one.

So as far as I know, macronutrients are enormous broccoli, whipped in the vicious winds of a protein powder sirroco. Take cover!

I forgot

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