One-Question Survey


Will you do me a favor?

Put your hand on the small of your back. Best if you can worm your hand through whatever late-October clothes you’re wearing to reach actual naked skin.

Note the temperature of your own flesh against your hand.

Now slide your hand down until you’re about halfway down your butt.

Is THAT flesh a different temperature? Just give me a one-word comment to my one-question survey – say “warmer” or “cooler” or “same temp.”

I’m interested because I’ve discovered that while most of my amply-fleshed body is warm, there’s a strip across my tail, from about side seam to side seam (if bodies had side seams) from below the waist to almost exactly where the chair hits my butt that is noticeably cooler than the rest of my flesh.

Now, who do you ask if that’s normal? Who else? Gwynn, the most experienced, most knowledgeable therapeutic masseuse at Body Dynamics in Falls Church, VA. (Who else can you honestly ask to judge the variation in temperature from your ass to your elbow?)

Gwynn said “I’m sure it’s just a factor of how you were sitting.”

I shook my head firmly. “It’s not. I’ve checked.”

She left so I could strip down and slip naked under the sheet. I know this question interested her for two reasons: First, when she came back into the room, she went straight for my butt. “You’re RIGHT! It’s much cooler!”

Second, she then said “Mine is, too!”

So I know that wherever she goes while clients are changing, she was back there groping her own flesh.

We don’t know if it’s normal or unusual or evidence of some horrific butt malaise that we need to seek treatment for right away… so tell me what you think. Is your butt warmer, cooler, or the same temp as the rest of you? Thanks for letting me know!

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20 thoughts on “One-Question Survey

  1. Definitely Cooler!

    And also– hurrah hurrah for your 10 inches. I’m as cock-a-hoop as if they were my ten inches. Except I have other goals. Today’s is : instead of trying so hard, I’m going to try soft.


    1. “Same” as in “my butt and my back are the same temperature” or “same” as in “like all the other commenters, my butt is cooler?” Because so far there’s only one mention of a person whose butt is warm, and it’s the husband of a woman who commented on Facebook; I suspect she simply groped her husband’s posterior with delight without checking the temp of his back!


  2. So – I never really thought about it in a conscience way – but have always known that my butt was cooler than other party. The fronts of my thighs are too. My frontal fleshy areas are not. I suspect this is because of the way we sit…


  3. OoOoOoOo COOLER f’sure! There, see, I’m learning MORE stuff from you. Set up a Donation Button somewhere on this blogsite 🙂


    1. Maggie, NOW check the fronts of your thighs – thanks to commenter Karen, above. Cooler, innit?? I don’t know how useful any of this is… but it’s sort of like Stupid Human Tricks. Stuff that makes you go… Huh.


    1. And did you know beforehand? Am I late to this particular chilly-butt party? I long for someone to cry ‘EUREKA! We shall name this the Pru Phenomenon!’ Or maybe not…!


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