Not Yet…


“If I eat something sugary, I can pretty much feel the effects cycling through my body for about 24 hours.”

That’s what Chip told me. Chip is a former professional ballet dancer and a seriously-trained nutritionist; when he eats something delicious, you know he’s overcoming LONG YEARS of conditioning to simply enjoy good food… and yet Chip is so cool that he DOES enjoy good food, and never ever judges others who do as well.

However, his system is so fine-tuned, and he’s so aware of it, that when he eats an ice cream sundae (which he loves), he feels sort of ill afterwards, and he can feel his body cycling between an insulin dump and a resulting (I don’t remember; some other hormone designed to balance the excessive insulin).

I crave that knowledge. I want to have the negative feedback of feeling bad when I make bad food choices. I want the indulgent eater’s equivalent of Antabuse.

Last night, by careful planning, I went with my friends to Artie’s in Fairfax Circle, where one can (if one chooses) get the most decadent and delicious ice cream sundae. Three overly-generous scoops of ice cream, a luscious, silky, tongue-orgasm dark chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and candied pecans. I am reduced to excited coos as I savor every sybaritic little spoonful…

…but last night, I ordered ONE scoop. (No candied pecans with a one-scoop sundae; instead, a crisp, moist almond cookie that is even better.) I ate it with the reverence of a true believer. I spooned up the last succulent drops.

And then I waited to feel a little sick.

And waited.

And waited.

Not yet. I felt FINE. I felt happy. I felt quite disgustingly well.

So I’m not hypersensitive to sugar yet, alas. But I know that I can make better choices (like – one scoop, not three [cookie reward for good behavior!]. Like – planning for the indulgence instead of surrendering to it on the spur of the moment.) and maintain at least a partial grip on my sugar jones. I’m still a Chip wanna-be, but the waiting feeling’s fine!

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 2.02.25 PM

PS: Sorry if I waxed a little too rhapsodic on the subject of bad-for-you food, but if you’re going to indulge, may I personally recommend an Artie’s sundae?!

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