Ponce de Leon


I love the thought of Cibola and Atlantis and Brigadoon, and I’d be happy to watch Indiana Jones go after each one. Among the best stories: The fountain of youth.

It tickles the armchair adventurer in me to think of Ponce de Leon slogging through Florida swamps, fighting off alligators and venomous snakes and mosquito hoards big enough to carry off small children in order to find a mythical fountain that would restore youth.

(As any traveler knows, poor Ponce was a good bit younger before the trip began than he was when it was over, and I’m not counting time. As Indy says, it’s not the years, honey – it’s the mileage. If anyone needs a fountain of youth, it’s voyagers through Florida!)

For me, the water of life is… well, it’s water.

When I drink enough water, I’m less tired. My digestion is regular and kindly. I’m more likely to see progress on the scale.

Of course, if my day is busy and I don’t want to make time for every-other-hour trips to the can – or I’m too sleepy and don’t want to wake up once or twice a night – then I might deliberately cut back on the fluid intake.

That’s at least a conscious choice. It’s more annoying (and less useful) when I simply forget to drink my water, and find myself gasping for liquid at the end of the day (which guarantees I’ll gulp too much before bedtime and be peeing all night long.)

The water of life is just water. In my opinion. Here’s to your health!


2 thoughts on “Ponce de Leon

  1. HAHAHAH … I read this at about 2 o’clock this morning, after having gotten up to pee and then couldn’t get right back to sleep. Yes, I’d neglected to hydrate during the day and did, indeed, drink down, oh, 36 oz of H2OhOhOh between 6 and 9 p.m.. File under: She never learns.


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