The Virginia countryside is being swept clean today. Huge gusts of wind – the supreme “tai-fung” (I’ve been reading “Tai Pan” as I hope to persuade a friend to go to Hong Kong with me) – are rocking hundred-foot trees high overhead.

The power is off at my house. I have a laptop with a battery; I COULD be working productively… But don’t you think I should conserve that battery power for an EMERGENCY? Maybe Tom Hanks calls and says I need to write him a speedy fundraising letter, like.  Or Matt Damon needs water.  It could happen.

So instead, I’ve spent the day curled up under a down comforter, wriggling my toes in bliss and reading about clipper ships and derringer-do and the founding of Hong Kong.  Paradise!

(By great good fortune, I’d trotted up and down the two flights of stairs nine times before the power went out; otherwise I would have been descending into Stygian darkness with each descent. THAT might have slowed me down. But Edison did not desert me and I huffed and panted under the benevolence of electricity. You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.)

Now I’m lurking at a friend’s house, using up her wall plug and her active internet, to post just long enough to say – no post today. Tai Pan instead! (No, now I’m on Noble House. Is it wrong to hope the power stays off tomorrow, too? These books are fairly long…)

And I promise to do my home exercise program tonight, by the light of my newly-recharged iPhone and iPad! The power going out is like a snow day for adults. Eeee!


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