Morning Sleep


Bliss is being able to wake up naturally, whenever my body feels rested – and then (this is critical) lounging around in bed for HOURS. Wiggling my toes. Sighing with happiness. Maybe going back to sleep again.

It has always been, Khaleesi.

I’m more awake at night. I sleep most deeply in the morning.

But now I’m wondering…

With all this fitness training going on, I’ve become aware that my hip flexors are ALWAYS ON.

I can try to relax them, but nothing happens. Put your hands on the crease of your hips, right where your legs join your body.  Right in front, in line with the boobs. Are you in the right place? You’ll feel a tendon (or so you think).

That’s actually a muscle – the hip flexor.

Or hell, maybe it’s a tendon. I don’t know. The point is, on me it is always set at TENSILE STEEL. Couldn’t be tighter. That’s the price you pay for not having a nicely-integrated musculature between belly and butt.

Now, if I could get my core muscles to be slightly on all the time – like the rheostat in the dining room set to “candlelight glow” – and do the same for my glutes, then my body would feel stable enough to relax the hip flexors. Or so I’m told. But after two years of working on it, that moment has not yet come.

(Gwynn, the brilliant therapeutic masseuse at Body Dynamics in Falls Church, VA, says she’s been working on it for FORTY years. Great. So I’m one-twentieth of the way there.)

And now I’m thinking that the reason I feel such bliss lounging in bed on a lazy morning is because that’s the only time I’m conscious AND my hip flexors are not engaged. And it feels SO DAMNED GOOD!

Jeezum. A nap is sounding delicious right about now!

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 2.44.42 PM

Sleep is very important for physical and mental health. Isn’t that justification enough for an immediate nap??

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