The End is Nigh!


If I’m found comatose in a large drift of empty toaster strudel boxes, we’ll have the Sugar Reduction Diet to blame.

I’m on day 11 of a 7-14 day diet and I’m not sure how many more leafy greens I can consume; I fear I’m turning into an extremely carnivorous rabbit. I’ve got to figure out how to get off this thing because even though I know the four pounds (or is it six??) I’ve lost in the past 11 days is unsustainable (nobody keeps that much weight off when it’s lost so quickly, despite what supermarket tabloids tell you)…

…now that I’ve seen “230” on my scale, I really REALLY don’t want to go back up to 236.

Or 245.

Or higher.

The plump among us know how THAT goes.

So I’ve got to track Chip to his nutritionist lair, deep in the frosted glass heart of Body Dynamics, and find out how to re-introduce non-leafy green carbohydrates back into my diet without losing all the benefit I’ve found.

And YES, I think my body’s craving for sugar has very definitely lessened. My HABIT for sugar hasn’t, but I can try to control that; that feels like the will power part.

I’ve also driven past my turn four times in the last week, and have found it very challenging to add the score in Scrabble. I’m usually very spatially aware; I generally know where I am. And I can add up the word “gazebo” (oh, a honey of a point value) and add it to a running total without thinking much about it… but not this week. Is it possible sugary carbs make some mental processes run more smoothly?

Let’s see if I can figure this out… Before there were baked goods, maybe cave men didn’t have Scrabble… but they certainly had a known route to the saber tooth tiger’s den. You wouldn’t want to mistake that turn. So maybe it’s not the low sugar that has made me spatially unaware… maybe that’s just me. ENCROACHING SENILITY. And just when I’d gotten a grip on the sugar jones, too. Damn.

Still. Got to get the word from Chip, because that’s ENOUGH salad for now, thank you!



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